The Millennium is the name of the large partially completed structure now readied for the desired roof design suitable for the buyer.  The open floor plan was designed suitable for either a personal mansion, a meeting/lodge or place of worship.

The Millennium was the name given to this structure as the structure was designed to last 1000 years. There is simply no type of structure anything like this in the region.


The structure is composed of thick concrete heavily reinforced throughout with steel rebar both vertically and horizontally every 4 to 8 inches.  The structure is supported on over 48 subterranean pillars of reinforced concrete. Most pillars are two feet in diameter and extend up to 12 feet below the surface.


The four pillars in the center are 30 inches in diameter and extend 24 feet below surface. The four pillars alone are designed to support a load of 75 TONS  EACH suitable to support any type of roof design, whether it be flat, pitched or domed.

The foundation sitting on top of the pillars consists of solid concrete 2 feet by 2 feet in size.

The walls of the lower level consist of 10 inch thick heavily steel reinforced concrete with 8 inch reinforced concrete at the main level.

H_4ViewsThe structure has a full lower level designed as a safe room of approximately 5000 square feet surrounded with heavily reinforced concrete in the floor, walls and ceiling. The central portion of the ceiling/floor of the main level itself weighs over 40 TONS and is composed of reinforced concrete beams every 2 feet integrated within the main floor.

The second floor is supported by steel wide-flange beams welded together into an integral structure.

Inside shop 2On the site of The Millennium is also located a massive shop building and storage facility suitable for any type of fabrication, storage, equipment and maintenance. Additionally, there is also a modest home suitable for immediate residency and capable of being easily removed from the property once The Millennium is completed to the specifications of the buyer.


Only an aerial vantage point can adequately view this impressive, one-of-a-kind structure. CLICK ON the photos below to view the aerial videos taken of The Millennium.